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Driving Your Digital Acquisition Capabilities & ROI

Build Smart Journeys

Build Smart Journeys

Leverage the right medium and optimise your prospect communication.

Engage & Nurture

Engage & Nurture

Understand your prospects needs and wants and personalise their experiences accordingly.

Maximise Conversions

Maximise Conversions

Enable your sales through marketing that puts the spotlight on the sales-ready leads.

How We Approach

Marketing Automation



Educate prospects about your product or service offering as you learn about them.



Zoom in on prospects' interests through their interactions with your various communication points and channels.



As your leads move down through the marketing funnel, they begin to show more serious interest in your product or service.



At this stage, your prospects are genuinely considering making a buying decision and are considering alternatives.



You have successfully converted your prospects to customers by demonstrating your business value through effective communication.



Your customers are now endorsing and sharing their experiences with the rest of the world resulting in a multiplier effect on your acquisition capability.

Improve Your Financial Performance

Marketing Automation That Drives Results

Your prospects often build an impression about your product or service before they even interact with your sales team. To improve your digital acquisition, you need to deliver more relevant and targeted communications. Your customer journey is one of the most crucial parts of building a strong and sustainable business and to grow, you need to continuously adopt the best practices in your industry.


With marketing technology growing from 150 solutions back in 2011 to ~7,000 in 2018, there is an overwhelming number of products and solutions out there to adopt as part of your marketing automation strategy. The challenge is to stack the right technology that fits with your overarching strategy.


Companies that implement successful marketing automation frameworks, see significant improvements in their financial performance. Staying personal at scale is truly the essence of marketing automation that does its job. Your competitors are constantly playing a catch-up game with marketing technology. If you want to lead your market, you have to lead in marketing technology as well. It’s a game on inches and every detail in your marketing strategy counts.

Adopt the right marketing technology

As a marketing automation agency, we implement tools and strategies to help you grow more strategically and efficiently to allow you to skyrocket your sales and improve your return on investment. We do that by building more meaningful relationships with your leads and potential customers through improving your overall automation capability which aligns and streamlines your communication.

$5,000,000+ Revenue Generated for our clients

$5,000,000+ Revenue Generated for our clients

20,000+ Leads Generated for our clients

20,000+ Leads Generated for our clients

Hundreds of Thousands of Savings

Hundreds of Thousands of Savings

Industry Experts

Talking about SAVV DIGITAL

SAVV have ensured they understand our business, aspirations and strategy, and have delivered results that have exceeded our expectations with a strong Return on Marketing Investment.

— James Bell

General Manager, Linx Institute

Rani and the SAVV Digital team have a wealth of knowledge in Digital Marketing, Sales Operations and Technology as well as detailed understanding of Business and Market Intelligence to assist with management decision making.

— Philip Kilic

Operations Leader, Open Colleges

We reached out to SAVV DIGITAL at a turning point in our business. From the get go, Rani and the team at SAVV DIGITAL worked with us to increase our online presence and direct qualified leads to our business. We were able to significantly improve our lead generation and customer acquisition capability and in turn, multiply our revenues.

— Rafael Washington

Marketing Manager, Linx Institute

How to improve your

Marketing Automation

Want to improve your Marketing Automation capability?
Consider these questions and answers to shed some light and get some perspective.

How can Marketing Automation improve my ROI?

Marketing Automation can significantly improve your ROI by increasing your conversions which will decrease your CPA (Cost per Acquisition) and increase your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). In other words, it will help you get more for less. It can also help you reduce your operating cost which will further improve your ROI.

How do I find the right Marketing Automation technology & tools?

Marketing Automation software is becoming more and more sophisticated. Some of the important features readily available in most marketing automation software include: lead scoring, dynamic content & personalization (emails, website, LPs), funnel qualification, targeted email campaigns, website and CRM integration, progressive profiling, lead nurturing, and analytics. Start by examining which functionalities are crucial to your business and find the tools & technology that will deliver on your business needs.

How can I improve my funnel qualification process?

Thanks to marketing automation, we can qualify leads and take them through the nurturing and qualification funnel from top of the funnel where leads are cold and have relatively little interest or desire to purchase, to bottom of the funnel where leads are ready to make an educated decision and purchase. There are many ways of qualifying leads from lead scoring to progressive profiling, marketing automation has a range of tools to enable businesses to save money and time on the lead qualification process.

What's the main objective of Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation focuses on personalising journeys and puts emphasis on prospects interactions early on to even post-conversion. As leads opt-in to receive marketing content, marketing automation software becomes the engine driving all communications points through emails, SMS as well as personalised web content.

How can personalisation improve customer experience?

Dynamic content helps improve audience engagement by showing your visitors more content relevant to them based on their demographics or based on their previous actions and interests – which fosters a personalised digital environment where your prospects spend less time searching for what they are looking for and stumble upon messages that speak to them more personally every time they engage with your content. This significantly improves their experience and can potentially shorten conversion cycles.

Do I need a Marketing Automation Agency?

There are thousands of tools and technologies out there in the marketing automation landscape enough to overwhelm most people. Working with an expert will not only help you identify and define your framework based on your business model and industry, but you will also pinpoint the right technologies and software that serves your purpose. This is often quite valuable when you consider the expenses and opportunity cost of making the wrong decisions.

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Marketing Automation Strategies

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