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We help Education Institutions

Drive ROI based Digital Marketing

Generate Qualified Leads

Generate Qualified Leads

Reach the right audience at the right time in the right place to generate qualified prospective students.

Effective Nurture Journeys

Effective Nurture Journeys

Build personalised journeys to engage, nurture and maximise their conversion potential.

Improve Conversions

Improve Conversions

Let marketing do the hard work of gathering vital info and prioritising your leads to enable sales to enrol more students.

How We Approach

Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions



Understand new insights about the key drivers and motivators of prospective students behind studying and what matters to them the most.



Adopt human-centred design to create effective micro-experiences and maximise conversions to reduce your cost of acquisition and increase your traffic revenue.



Utilise marketing technology to personalise every interaction with your users and prospects to create a highly personalised experience at scale.



Get in front of your sales team the only qualified prospects and let marketing do the hard yards of qualifying and nurturing your leads until they are ready to buy.



Leverage a wealth of data and information to adjust, adapt and optimise your campaigns to tap into more growth and better return on marketing investment.



Scale your digital advertising to meet your revenue and profit goals by tapping into new channels and growth markets.

Recruit more students and create outstanding experiences

Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions

Reaching the right audience at the right time is a core part of the digital marketing capabilities education providers need to invest in. Prospective students go through a specific buying journey from research to consideration and decision making that is quite more sophisticated than it used to be. Your digital marketing capability needs to be 100% aligned and optimised to ensure you are able to communicate effectively at every stage of their decision-making journey.


Therefore, educators need to enable your prospective students to be on the pulse of what’s actually happening across your organisation and leverage Content Marketing to create a rich bank of stories that are brought in a very genuine way to connect and engage your prospective students and align your communication with their career and study aspirations.

Digital Marketing solutions specific to the Education Industry

A major upside to working with a digital marketing agency that specialises in the education industry is being able to reach out to groups of prospective students who you wouldn’t normally have been able to capture or convert. At the same time, you will be able to align and train your staff members to harness the integrated systems and platforms we use to run effective world-class digital marketing campaigns.


This will ensure that Technology, Marketing and Education are on the same level of excellence and vision you have for your organisation, regardless of any legacy issues you might have.

Industry Experts

Talking about SAVV DIGITAL

SAVV have ensured they understand our business, aspirations and strategy, and have delivered results that have exceeded our expectations with a strong Return on Marketing Investment.

— James Bell

General Manager, Linx Institute

Rani and the SAVV Digital team have a wealth of knowledge in Digital Marketing, Sales Operations and Technology as well as detailed understanding of Business and Market Intelligence to assist with management decision making.

— Philip Kilic

Operations Leader, Open Colleges

We reached out to SAVV DIGITAL at a turning point in our business. From the get go, Rani and the team at SAVV DIGITAL worked with us to increase our online presence and direct qualified leads to our business. We were able to significantly improve our lead generation and customer acquisition capability and in turn, multiply our revenues.

— Rafael Washington

Marketing Manager, Linx Institute

How to improve your

Digital Advertising Campaigns

Increase your digital advertising effectiveness by adjusting your approach to become more defined and quantified.

Campaign Goals & Tracking

Set clear success criteria such as Response volume, CPA and ROI and fully use analytics to track your campaign performance. Then, set specific objectives per channel that are modelled per media platform.

Audience Targeting

Factor top-level demographics and specific audience characteristics and motivations in your targeting.

Value Added Messaging - Offering

Communicate clear primary and secondary offers to establish your brand benefits and test your offering before and during the campaign through real-time marketing response analysis.

Media Planning & Budgeting

Create top-level media budgets then move to more granular by channel budgeting. Then, create custom attribution models and measure your media channels accordingly.


Create a range of content assets based on audience journeys and test new interactive content assets.


Utilise retargeting channels and tactics such as building remarketing lists for display ads and email marketing.

Improve your ROI on


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how you can improve your Digital Marketing return on investment.

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