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  • Digital Marketing Strategies 2019
    Digital Marketing Strategies to continue to grow in 2019
    December 2, 2018
    We’ve narrowed down the trends for 2019 into the three we are most excited about: Influencer Marketing, Omnichannel Marketing, and Chatbot Lead Generation.
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
    Develop an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
    November 1, 2018
    Data shows that that two-thirds of businesses do not have an integrated digital marketing strategy. Are you running your digital marketing in the way you should?
  • B2B-Lead-Generation-Strategies
    B2B Lead Generation Guide. A Winning Strategy.
    September 19, 2018
    Only 39% of B2B companies have a formal marketing plan in place. This article gives B2B marketers insights to help formulate better lead generation campaigns.
  • Build a Customer Persona Guide
    Customer Persona helps businesses maximise their returns
    August 13, 2018
    Some people call it a Buyer Persona, others call it a Marketing Persona or a Customer Persona. How do you create it and what impact can it have on your sales and marketing?
  • Mobile App Development Best Practices Guide
    Mobile app best practices complete guide
    July 27, 2018
    Mobile app best practices are more important than ever. The mobile app industry is one gigantic baby. This article sheds light on some slick acquisition tactics for your app.
    Voice Search Marketing Complete Guide for Businesses
    July 19, 2018
    This article is for the savvy business owner who figured out voice is going to be big and want to get the top of the cream of the crop on voice. The bad news is a lot of brands already have a solid voice strategy. For example,
  • Digital Advertising Reinvented and disrupted by Blockchain
    Blockchain in Digital Marketing - A wave of disruption
    July 13, 2018
    Digital advertising and digital marketing in genral, have been constantly disrupted by technology. Over the last decade, we have seen more disruption that ever. From digital advertising to content marketing and social media, we have
  • PPC Competitor Analysis Guide for Business 2018
    PPC Competitor Analysis - All you need to know
    July 10, 2018
    PPC can be hard and mean at times. Especially if your competitors know what they are doing or paying someone to do the job. Your competitors’ strategies are in one way affecting the market, your potential buyers and in turn
    Influencer marketing strategies to boost your ROI
    July 1, 2018
    Every business from small local stores to big brands with global reach, are trying to get more customers. But sales and marketing always come at a cost. If your cost of acquiring customers is high enough to eat your profits, you might as well
    How AI is changing Digital Marketing
    May 7, 2018
    How is AI changing digital marketing is a topic that is quite often discussed in 2018. Artificial intelligence is a comprehensive term for a spectrum of technologies that endeavour to imitate and perhaps exceed human intelligence. It covers a broad...
    Lead Generation tactics and strategies for a better ROI
    April 22, 2018
    Digital Marketers are always on the hunt for the best ways to improve lead generation. Back in 1999, it took Google a month to crawl and index 50 Million pages. Today, this takes seconds if not less. We have come a long way in the ...
    Website design guide for better customer experiencer and ROI
    March 31, 2018
    The world of web development is in constant flux, and 2018 will be no different. According to Rani Arsanios, entrepreneur and managing director of SAVV Digital, the most significant growth this year will be in user expectations ...
    Future of digital marketing. Tactics and trends of 2018
    March 30, 2018
    Customers should be at the core of every piece of digital marketing. Their experience is key to gaining brand loyalists. Customers expect to receive a personalised service throughout their experience with a brand. Every interaction should ...
    Social media marketing strategies and tactics
    November 12, 2017
    Identifying which tactics and tools with the highest impact is a focus of most digital marketers. As a social media marketing agency, and with 2018 almost upon us, we are constantly looking towards future strategies and trends in social ...
    5 Factors to optimise AdWords Campaigns
    October 5, 2017
    The average conversion rate for Google AdWords users is 2.7 percent for the Search Network and 0.89 percent for the Display Network. Of course, you want your business to be anything but average. You can leave those average numbers behind by following these ...
    Five ways to grow your business with Instagram
    September 2, 2017
    It’s important to state that getting the balance right is key to your success. Business’ need to offer a mix of interesting content peppered with sales opportunities. Bombard customers with too many promotional messages and they’ll switch ...
    Six A/B Tests to Improve Your Email Marketing
    September 2, 2017
    One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is the fact that it’s all so measurable. Marketers can measure open rates, click-through rates, delivery rates and more, and they can also keep an eye on what their subscribers do after they ...